Terms & Conditions

Our full terms and conditions are available at southcot.co.uk/Legal the key sections are the “General Statement of our Trading Terms” and the “Hosting and Domain Registration Terms and Conditions“. The agreement is between RName and Southcot Services Ltd.

  1. The agreement will remain in force as long as it is renewed annually unless notice is served. The notice period is 6 months.
  2. Unlike our other services RName is responsible for renewing the service annually. We will endeavour to send reminders out but the final responsibility of renewing will rest with RName.
  3. As long as usage does not contravene our terms and conditions RName is free to use the MeshWork resources we provide in either a personal or business capacity and is also free to generate income from the resources.
  4. The RName is responsible for the content held in that allocated space. This includes obtaining legal permission for that content and ensuring that the content or any other actions they take in regard to their domain does not violate UK or international law or the terms and conditions of our suppliers or partners (available on request).
  5. We reserve the right to suspend your hosting services or to remove any material from your pages that is deemed inappropriate or not within statutory requirements, without prior notice.
  6. RName is responsible for keeping Southcot Services Ltd up to date with their contact information. In the event of a change we must be notified, it should not be assumed that we have the updated details until a written confirmation is received.
  7. RName is responsible for backing up any data on our servers and databases. We can not be held responsible for the loss of any data or content.
  8. RName is free to customise the applications and add extensions and plug ins in any way via the administration interfaces.
  9. The MeshWork Bundle is delivered without warranty. The applications are installed using default settings. Southcot Services Ltd can offer no warranty regarding data security.
  10. There is no provision within this agreement to upgrade applications to their latest versions. Some of the applications in the MeshWork Bundle offer the option to upgrade from within the administration interface. If RName requires other programmes to be updated then a fee will be charged.
  11. Should RName want to take their data to a new service provider then, where there is no facility to download data from the administration interface, we will levy a small standard change to provide the data in a Comma Separated Version (CSV) text file.
  12. We are collaborating with G Acceleration Ltd in this venture. Accordingly RName agrees that we can share the data we hold on them with G Acceleration Ltd.

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