Technical Support

“Helping Everyone Understand Technology” is the motto of Southcot Services Ltd. To this end we will help you extend, customise or move any elements of your MeshWork Bundle. You can be confident that we will ensure that we understand what you want to do. Equally we will take time to make sure you understand how we will do it.

We can offer a variety of customisations for your resource Bundle. Perhaps you want to:-

  • Use your WordPress database to manage access to areas of your own website
  • Migrate some or all of the MeshWork Bundle into your private network
  • Integrate one of the applications with an existing one you use
  • Incorporate one or more of your existing MeshWork applications into your existing website

Standard Support Packages:

Some of the work you might need is charged at standard rates. These include:-

  • Upgrade one of the applications that require elevated access*
  • Extend the functionality of one of the applications that require elevated access such as adding extensions to your Wiki*
  • Backup your database for the MeshWork Bundle
  • Backup your web content and uploaded resources for the MeshWork Bundle
  • Register a domain, host it and setup one or more of your MeshWork applications

* Elevated access:- Some of the software in the MeshWork Bundle allows you to upgrade and add plug-ins or extensions via an administrative dashboard or control panel. Where this is not possible then it has to be done by someone from Southcot Services Ltd with elevated access to the domain.

These are just examples please contact Charlie Markwick at Southcot Services Ltd to discuss your needs.

For more detailed descriptions of the support available, including costs please visit Southcot Services Ltd and follow the link to Products and click on “MeshWork Bundle”.

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