Practical Applications

What can you do with the MeshWork Bundle?

The software has been carefully selected to help businesses explore a range of productivity tools. These are just some of the practical applications of the software within the MeshWork Bundle.

Take control of your web site

You can take control of the design of your web site and manage your own updates by using one of the web design and content management software (CMS) packages. Using simple tools you can build effective web sites or by adding additional ‘modules’ you can develop a feature packed web resource. No programming skills are required as the software uses a content management system.

Manage customer data

Manage all your contact data with the customer relationship management software (CRM). Get rid of all those out-of-date spreadsheets and centralise your customer or supplier records into one place.

Share knowledge

Other software allows you to share information and knowledge with employees and customers. This could be in the form of a wiki (like Wikipedia) where information is collected and updated over a period of time.

Alternatively use the bulletin board software to share information or updates about products and services.

These are just some suggestions of how you could use these tools;

  • Help desk
  • How to guides
  • Technical updates
  • On line quality manual
  • Company procedures
  • Share records about meetings attended
  • Share sales leads
  • Share business intelligence

Manage projects and task

The MeshWork Bundle includes a project/task management tool to help you plan and coordinate your work. With this software you can;

  • Plan projects
  • Allocate tasks
  • Monitor progress
  • Store project information
  • Produce project/task reports
  • Use to record action points during meetings

Remote access

All of the products within the MeshWork Bundle can be accessed remotely via the internet, improving your staff and customers’ access to important information.

Enhance your marketing campaigns

The blogging tools within the package can be used to support your marketing activity on Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media sites.

Survey tools

The MeshWork Bundle includes an on line survey tool which has a number of uses within a business setting;

  • Customer satisfaction data
  • Employee surveys
  • Impact study data
  • Gather preferred options
  • Test knowledge or understanding

Manage staff development

The bundle includes software that helps you manage staff development programmes or provide product knowledge to your customers. This learning management system can be used to plan and record your training programmes or be used as an informal learning resource for your staff.

The following are just some of the activities that are supported by this software.

  • Develop and store ‘How to guides’ for a range of business tasks
  • Provide informal learning material to help staff develop their skills and knowledge
  • Manage and deliver in-house training programmes
  • Provide product training
  • Provide document control
  • Keep track of training records and training plans
  • Deliver induction programmes
  • Share company policies and procedures
  • Enhance external training courses by providing additional material
  • Provide training and support for customers
  • Market on line training courses

Also included in the bundle is software that allows staff to collect portfolios of evidence that may be useful to monitor development activity.

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