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MeshWork Bundle invitations

If you would like an invitation to receive the MeshWork Bundle or you require additional information please contact any of the following;

Charlie Markwick,  at Southcot Services -  Telephone 08709 220167

Cliff Ballinger, at Southcot Services - Telephone 08709 220167

Gerald Crittle, at G Acceleration – Telephone 07827 335918

MeshWork Support

Please note that application and technical support  for the MeshWork Bundle is chargeable unless it relates to an issue that impairs the functionality of the Bundle as it is delivered.

Technical Support

For technical support for the MeshWork Bundle or other ICT support please contact;

Charlie Markwick - Telephone 08709 220167

Cliff Ballinger -  Telephone 08709 220167

Application Support

For practical support to use your MeshWork Bundle please contact;

Gerald Crittle Telephone 07827 335918

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