Application Support

Practical, jargon free Application Support for the MeshWork Bundle is available from G Acceleration who offers a range of services to help develop the use of the software.

This includes basic help to get you started or more involved support with your development projects.

Support packages available:

Getting started

This support is to help you speed up the introduction of the productivity tools within the package. Often software is easier to use when it contains data that you recognise and fields have names that are relevant to your organisation. Using our knowledge we can complete this work remotely saving you time.

The Getting Started package typically includes

  • Adding the key users
  • Changing ‘custom fields’ to meet your needs
  • Setting up key areas resources such as topics or courses
  • Populating the software with a few records
  • A checklist of what to do next
  • Signposting to further help

For more information, including costs, please visit

Familiarisation Workshop

The Familiarisation Workshop is to help businesses get ‘up and running’ by exploring each of the applications within the Bundle.

The programme includes;

  • Accessing each application
  • Setting up users and passwords
  • Adding some basic data
  • An overview of each application and with basic instruction - not a full training course
  • Exploring practical uses for the application
  • Signposting to other technology tools
  • A checklist of what to do next
  • Signposting to further help

For more information, including costs, please visit

Development Workshops

Development Workshops are a combination of instruction on how to use the software and developing practical use for your business. Whereas the Familiarisation Workshop explores all the software within the MeshWork Bundle, development workshop focuses on two or three of the tools linking them to practical applications within your organisation.

Typically they include;

  • Adding users.
  • Changing custom fields to meet your needs.
  • Setting up key resources to get started.
  • Populating the software
  • Discussing usage policies and practices
  • Reviewing ‘plug ins’ and other enhancements.
  • Signposting to other technology tools.
  • A checklist of what to do next.
  • Signposting to further help.

For more information, including costs, please visit

One to one support

As an alternative to the workshops, we are able to offer one-to-one support purchased by the hour. This is for individuals who just need some general instruction to kick-start their use of the MeshWork Bundle or the development of a particular application.

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Project support

We are also able to help support your internal projects as you develop the use of the MeshWork Bundle. This is a wide-ranging offer providing practical, logical help. Examples include;

  • Developing the use of Moodle to deliver in-house training.
  • The development of training resources.
  • Moving quality manuals and procedures to on line bulletin boards.
  • Developing ‘how to’ resources.
  • Removing barriers to the introduction of technology.

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