MeshWork is a collaboration between Southcot Services Ltd and G Acceleration Ltd established to promote the use of technology within the workplace.

By invitation, we are offering a bundle of free business productivity software, with free hosting to help organisations improve the way they work.

Practical applications

The business productivity software has been carefully selected to help businesses improve the way they work.

It includes applications to help you;

  • Take control of your web site and be able to manage your own updates by using content management software.
  • Keep track of your projects, tasks and other important information.
  • Centralise your customer records and keep track of your marketing activity. Replace those dusty procedure manuals with fully searchable online resources.
  • Share knowledge with colleagues and customers using tools such as a wiki, forum or bulletin board.
  • Manage staff development, training plans and records, share training resources and enhance your induction programmes.
  • Provide your team with remote access to important information.
  • Use blogging tools as part of your marketing campaign.
  • Survey your customers and employees about a range of subjects.

You can use all of the applications or just select one or two to provide new ways of working that improve your efficiency and customer service.

Practical ideas about how this bundle can improve the way you work can be found at Practical Applications with information about the software here.

By invitation

As this is a completely free, no obligation service it is being offered by invitation. If you would like to try the service out please contact either Southcot Services or G Acceleration.

Completely free with no obligation

Both the hosting and standard versions of the open source software are completely free with no obligation to purchase further services.   

Why offer a free service?

Sharing our enthusiasm – Both Southcot Services and G Acceleration are excited about the use of technology to improve business efficiency and this offer is made to encourage companies to explore new ways of working.

An opportunity – We understand that companies may wish to try out new tools but are reluctant to incur costs or make any ongoing commitments without knowing the benefits these solutions can bring. This bundle gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to use a range of software completely free with no obligations.

An introduction – The offer also introduces businesses to the help and ongoing support available from Southcot Services and G Acceleration. Working independently but collaborating on this project both companies are able to support business with their use of technology. Southcot Services provide a range of IT technical support with G Acceleration able to help businesses improve efficiency by supporting the practical use of these tools.

Technical Support

Southcot Services Ltd provides the infrastructure and technical know how that enables you to benefit from the MeshWork Bundle. It is a Gloucester based company that has been operating in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) industry for over 12 years. It is a company that makes sure that it understands the needs of their customers and communicates with its customers in plain English.

Services available;

  • Customisation of all or part the MeshWork Bundle.
  • Migration of all or part of the MeshWork Bundle to either your own domain or your private LAN
  • Backup of your MeshWork Bundle data and/or the files in your MeshWork Bundle.
  • A new domain and website incorporating some or all of the MeshWork Bundle
  • Customising the interfaces and functionality including adding extra plug ins.
  • Incorporating the applications into your own website.

More information can be found at Technical Support.

Application Support

G Acceleration offers chargeable support for users of the MeshWork Bundle, a service built on extensive knowledge of technology and an understanding of the needs of SMEs.

The support is jargon free, non-technical and focuses on how the software can improve the efficiency of your organisation.

This includes;

  • Getting Started: help setting up the software by naming custom fields and  populating the software with some of your data.
  • Familiarisation Workshops to help you get started with the software including suggestions for use in the workplace.
  • Demonstrations and training workshops for your teams.
  • Project support helping you use the software within your development programmes.
  • One-to-one support.

More information can be found at Application Support.

MeshWork – opening the door to technology in the workplace.

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